-About us-
Designing product totally

Ikumi Ishizaki / umu design Inc.
Born in Kobe Hyogo, Japan,

2003 Graduated from Osaka College of Art, Osaka University of Arts, and joined Sunward
2005 Engaged in planning and product development of own brand and launching other
companies' brands at Idea co.,ltd.
2012 Awarded the Memorial Competition
2013 Founded umu design / Awarded the Chairman of the Board of Directors Prize at the
Ishikawa Prefecture Design Exhibition
2016 Awarded Encouragement Prize at Japan Craft Exhibition / Exhibited at milano salone
Social Design Award, Special Jury Member Ryo Yamazaki Prize / Good Design Award
2017 Establishment of UMU DESIGN Inc.

Milano Salone Satellite 2016

2013 Design center Ishikawa,
2016 Japan crafts exhibition / Social design award / Good design award

<About the origin of the company name -umu design->
The company name umu has the meaning of "presence or absence".
Presence or absence means "what is or is not".
It represents the relative relationship between things that exist and things that do not exist.
This concept is an important idea in designing.
How can we express the "existence of essence" in design to move people's hearts?
Or what value should be given to "things that did not exist" to make them known?
Our design is based on thinking about the essence of Monogoto.


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tel : +81-3-5369-6396
fax : +81-3-6675-9384